Nigel Manges

Regional Minister - Ministry

Nigel takes the lead on the following matters:

  • Ongoing pastoral care for ministers, being as visible and available as possible.
  • Care and support for ministers and churches in times of particular difficulty including safeguarding incidents, health issues, relationship difficulty (whether family or church-related) etc.
  • Oversight of the work of our Network Ministers.
  • Oversight of support for NAMs and NAM/mentor relationships.
  • Continuing Ministerial Development, regular review of individual ministries including the implementation of the Ignite review in due course.
  • Settlement of churches & ministers, seeking to offer particular support to churches in pastoral vacancy.
  • Disciplinary matters.
  • Link with pastoral care coordinators for retired ministers.
  • Ecumenical link with Somerset Church Leaders.

Nigel is your point of contact for these and any other pastoral matters or church issues.

To get in touch with Nigel, phone the SWBA office on 01392 433533 or email

Nigel Manges