Relationships resource

Let’s Talk About… course


What is it?

It is, at it’s heart, an opportunity for single women to talk about sex and relationships in a safe and confidential environment. Either in their own small group, a church run group or an organised six week course.
The course is run in small female only groups, beginning with a talk in a relaxed atmosphere followed by time and space, to ask questions and chat over coffee and cake. There is no pressure to share and we encourage you to bring a friend.
Why do it?
You do not have to go far to find sex and relationships being talked about. Making headlines in the newspapers the celebrities are flaunting it, magazines offer tips, advise and quizzes and having multiple partners and having sex before marriage is common place on TV and in films.
How does a Christian woman stand firm in her beliefs as she wades through the emotional roller coaster of dating and questions about sex? What does the Bible say?
This is a course for all women whether single, dating, in a relationship or you know someone who is!
What does it cover?
  • Being single – joys, difficulties, waiting and wanting.
  • Dating – should we? Internet dating? Waiting for God’s man?
  • A godly man – In contrast to the Proverbs 31 woman.
  • Sex – What’s allowed? How far is too far?
  • Regrets – What about my past? What if I’ve already had sex?
  • A bit about marriage – Families, money and other stuff.

Prodoced by Tania Vaughan, a member of one of our local churches, you can find out more about the course and buy a copy of the teaching material here.