Easter Art at Yeovil

This exciting exhibition takes place in Yeovil during Holy Week.

Most of the churches in Yeovil are involved in telling the Easter story through art in its widest form.

Each participating church has been given a specific bible passage and been asked to interpret it in any visual form that they choose, whether it be paint, collage, 3D, stitchwork, photo or any other medium.

The hope is two fold; to bring the churches together in a project that demonstrates our unity and faith in Christ and to hold the exhibition in a central space where all in the community will feel comfortable to access. and perhaps engage in dialogue arising from the display.

We have been offered an empty shop, free of charge, in the main shopping centre in town for six weeks, five to advertise the event and one week for the exhibition itself.

So if you are in Yeovil during Holy Week, do come and visit us from 10am-4pm, Monday to Saturday.