Chaplaincy for Everyone

On 29th Sept 2018, the SWBA hosted a 'Chaplaincy for Everyone' day in Exeter. There are increasing opportunities to serve in God’s mission in sports clubs, health and social care, town and city centres, universities and schools and local businesses… to name just a few! Every week, Chaplains have a natural role amongst thousands of people who recognise their need for spiritual support but who wouldn’t go anywhere near a church.

'Chaplaincy for Everyone' was for anyone who is either already a Chaplain or is interested in finding out more about the incredible opportunities there are to share our faith through chaplaincy roles with those who are not yet Christians. Over 40 people from across the South West gathered to hear encouraging, inspiring and challenging stories from some awesome Chaplains and to network together as those involved in Chaplaincy in the SWBA for the first time.

If you missed the day but are interested in finding out more about the many opportunities there are to serve as Chaplain, take a read of the report below and get in contact with Carl Smethurst (Regional Minister, Mission).

Background Reading : Chaplaincy – a Very Modern Ministry (Theos Report)

Here are some pictures from the day...