SWBA Chaplaincy Champion

We are delighted to announce that we have appointed a SWBA 'Chaplaincy Champion' whose role will be to help Chaplains in our Association network with each other, and to keep the profile of Chaplaincy high amongst our family churches.

Steven Reed is a former soldier and businessman and recently retired Baptist Minister.  He has experience in a number of the chaplaincy specialties (Town Centre, Hospital, Military, Debt Advice, Prison).  He has served on a Diocesan Chaplaincy committee, is a Trustee of Taunton Area Debt Advice and continues to work with the military.  Steven is married to Hazel a former social worker.  He plays golf, sings in a male voice choir and as a former pilot is involved in the Civil Air Patrol.

Steve writes, "Chaplaincy now has such a wide range of strands, some of which are just beginning to evolve.  It is encouraging to see how churches are seizing these mission opportunities.  Combining my experience and your passion for mission, let us explore what the congregation can engage with.  There are many opportunities available for even the smallest church.  So contact me and let’s see what can be achieved."

Steven can be contacted on

Our recent 'Chaplaincy for Everyone' day demonstrated significant interest amongst our churches and Steve hopes to continue to provide information and support to those exploring chaplaincy as a way to serve those in their communities.

Steven Reed