Webinar: Lessons from Lockdown

Lynn Green (General Secretary, Baptists Together) shares this dynamic, prophetic and inspirational message in a special South West Baptist Association webinar reflecting on what God has been teaching us during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Here are some brief notes from Lynn’s message:
1. Put down things from the past

2. Wait on God in this present ‘in-between place’ What’s God saying?
• The visceral heart-cry of those who feel excluded and oppressed
• Our need to ‘be’ church… a shift of emphasis (from buildings to frontlines, doing church to being church, church survival to Kingdom flourishing, programmes to relationships, being spoon-fed to discipleship, physical gathering to authentic community, from What Would Jesus Do to Who Would Jesus Be.)
How much of our identity & security is bound up in ‘the former things’?
It’s really important to be on this journey together…

3. How do you get to a new place if you don’t know where it is? How do you set a course to a new destination if you can’t imagine where you’re going?
Be content to trust the One who does know…
Unfurl our sails, set our sails to catch the wind of the Holy Spirit… go on an adventure led by the Spirit.

Many thanks to Lynn for sharing this word with us - we pray that you will also be blessed, challenged and inspired as you listen to this recording.

(Apologies for the sub-standard sound-quality... we hope it is adequate to listen to but please note that you may need to turn your speakers up to hear Lynn's message clearly)

Lessons From Lockdown Webinar Details