Webinar: Social Media – the new ministry frontier

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We are in the biggest communication change in 500 years since the printing press revolutionised how we consumed and understood not just religious texts but all written word leading to the growth of individual reading. Now we have gone from paper to platform, from script to screen, from scribe to selfies.

Whilst there are concerns for how digital is used, much like there was when printing first started, the use of technology, digital, social media and video gives us new potential to reach the 5th corner of the world. It allows us to find people in their homes, on their sofas and speak to them on not just on a Sunday from the pulpits but every second of every day and share the life giving news of the gospel.

Digital & tech is disrupting how we live, changing our culture, habits, opportunities and the Church needs to keep up. Due to COVID-19, the church has had to adapt but as we go forward it’s time for us to be creative and see digital as a new means to minister to & disciple people, and and to use as a tool for mission.

In this webinar, Hannah will share why we shouldn’t hide from social media, some reflection on how it can be used for mission and ministry and some ideas to engage with your current audiences and reach new ones…

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