PFS – Spirituality

27th March & 24th April 2021  |  10am-3pm

Over the last year, increasing amounts of people have begun searching for spiritual guidance and help as they have attempted to navigate one of the most challenging periods of our recent history.

Spirituality has increasingly become both accepted and desirable in our culture, yet not many are turning to Christianity in their search for a new spirituality.

Christianity offers a deep, rich spirituality which many Christians are not full aware of themselves and not confident to share with others.

This two day training module (27/3 & 24/4) will help you explore Christian spirituality; its history and its relevance for spiritual seekers today.

The tutor is Rev. Barbara Carpenter, Chaplain of Lee Abbey, Devon – a place of community and spiritual retreat.

These teaching days will use Zoom and details will be sent once you have booked.

For more details and to book, please click here. Any further questions, please email

PFS Spirituality