PFS: Leadership

Do you want to explore what leadership looks like in a Baptist context?

Have you found yourself in a leadership position in your church, and wondering what to do?

Do you want to learn some key leadership skills, including conflict resolution and mediation?

Join us for two teaching days, led by Rev Barbara Carpenter, in which we'll be exploring these questions and more. Barbara will lead us in reflecting on leadership from a biblical and Christian perspective, as well giving practical advice on how to lead in different situations. For a full module descriptor, please click here.

The teaching will take place on-site at our Exeter office, where the best teaching experience will take place. However, you can also join in online via Zoom. To book a place, please click here.

This module is part of our PFS course - a rolling, three year course of twelve modules designed for those who want to explore faith more deeply and be equipped to serve in their local church. You can attend each module as a 'one off' or sign up for the whole course. For information about PFS and our upcoming modules, please click here.

If you have any further questions, please email