Youthscape Essentials Course – September 2023 Course

Youthscape Essentials Course

Youthscape Essentials is an all round training for every youth leader or aspiring youth leader.

This 10-week course will be led by Glenda Chadwick-Down, SWBA Regional Mission Enabler for Children, Youth & Families, along with other experienced practitioners from the South West.

You can find more information on the course by clicking here.

The course will be taught over 10 teaching mornings, looking at the following topics:

  1. Why youth ministry? How does youth work make a difference to young people?
  2. Adolescent development? How do young people grow and change as teenagers?
  3. Growing up digital? How are social media and other technologies changing their world?
  4. Growing Up Gen Z? What different beliefs and values do young people have today?
  5. Family Life? What are the experiences of young people at home?
  6. Christian discipleship? How do young people develop and grow in faith?
  7. Sexuality & gender? How do young people express and explore sexuality and gender?
  8. School Life? What are the experiences of young people in education?
  9. Emotional & physical health? What impacts young people's well-being?
  10. Mission & exploring faith? How do young people explore and understand Christian faith?

There is no charge for this course, and once you have registered you will also receive a copy of the accompanying handbook which will be posted to you.

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For more info, please contact Glenda at or 01392 433533.