Festival Angels Porthleven

In April 2023, Cath Horne (SWBA Pioneer Minister in Portheven, Cornwall) invited a team of Festival Angels to be part of the town's annual Food Festival. Cath has only recently moved to Porthleven but has already become an active part of the community in the town and has become a member of the Food Festival organising committee.

Cath writes, "Last year, things got a bit messy at the festival and the village voiced many complaints, rightly so, about what happened, particularly in the evening. There was frustration at young people getting drunk in the streets and on the harbour head, as well as adults getting drunk and rowdy at the festival; litter everywhere, people peeing and throwing up in people’s front gardens, someone tragically falling into the sea and drowning. As part of our discussions, I felt it right to mention Festival Angels, an organisation run by the same people who do Street Pastors. They look to put teams of Christians together to be at festivals like this, helping out. The committee were very excited for me to get int touch with Festival Angels as they knew of Street Pastors."

We went along to see how they were getting on... take a look at our review of Festival Angels at Portheven Food Festival 2023...

Would you like to be involved in Festival Angels at next year's Porthleven Food Festival?

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