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PFS: Pastoral Care

The PFS Pastoral Care module is a chance to reflect on the theory and practice of pastoral care in churches and in our communities. This course is a lively, collaborative look at what it means to care for God’s people, whilst at the same time not neglecting ourselves. Whether you […]

PFS Pastoral Care

I Am Because You Are

‘I Am Because You Are’ is a BU training course for ministers and church leaders. It was created in the wake of the George Floyd murder in 2021, and is designed to help us think about equality and diversity in our churches and ministries. To find out more about the […]

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PFS: Leadership

Do you want to explore what leadership looks like in a Baptist context? Have you found yourself in a leadership position in your church, and wondering what to do? Do you want to learn some key leadership skills, including conflict resolution and mediation? Join us for two teaching days, led […]