Economic Justice

Economic Justice

Economic Justice

​As an Association we want recognise that many people in our society are disadvantaged because their economic status. Jesus talked about the poor, they were important to Jesus and should be important to us in our ministries.

We want to encourage our churches and ministers to work towards a fairer society.




It is estimated that eleven million people (and growing) have had to borrow to make ends meet during the pandemic, with the biggest increases in debt amongst the poorest a burden for millions. This debt with anxiety is creating fear, isolation and suffering as well as damaging and affecting relationships. This has only got worse with rising energy prices and inflation.

People who were previously able to manage are now in severe difficulty. Others, now face being overwhelmed by circumstances entirely beyond their control and face hunger and homelessness.

The Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) challenges the many widely accepted myths about those who live in poverty and want to challenge the lies we hear about Poverty and Inequality. Click here to download it

Food Banks

Through the pandemic food banks have never been busier. There are more than 1,200 food bank centres in our network across the UK many running at capacity. Research from the Independent Food Aid Network suggests these centres account for roughly two-thirds of all emergency food bank provision in the UK.

Many churches support or provide food banks to the communities that they live in.

To find out more about food banks click here

Christians Against Poverty:

Christians Against Poverty have for many years have provided debt relief advice, life skills and financial management advice free to all people. Many of our churches have worked with CAP to bring relief and advice.

Click here to find out more about CAP

Step Change

StepChange Debt Charity, formerly the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, is the trading name of the Foundation for Credit Counselling, is a debt charity operating across the United Kingdom.

To find out more about Step Change please click here.