Continuing Ministerial Development

Continuing Ministerial Development Title

What is CMD?

Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) was introduced by the Baptist Union in 2020.

It is designed to help ministers grow in their ministry through the support, friendship and advice of others, as well as through an ongoing commitment to learning and accountability.

Engagement in the scheme is only compulsory for Newly Accredited Ministers. However, every accredited or recognised Baptist minister is strongly encouraged to enrol. Those who are pastors in our Baptist churches but who do not have formal accreditation for their role are also welcome to engage with it. The hope is that accountable ongoing development becomes an unquestioned element in our ministerial culture –  simply part of what all ministers and pastors do.

For more information about CMD and how to enrol, click here.

Ministry Retreat

The Five Habits of CMD

The outworking of CMD is the practice of five habits:

  • Learning through reading, training, conferences, blogs, seminars, theology days and so on.
  • Attentiveness to their own relationship with God and to their physical, emotional and relational well-being.
  • Accountability through mentoring, pastoral supervision, spiritual direction, coaching, soul friends, or learning communities.
  • Connection to fellow Baptist ministers by meeting together, and to the Baptist family by serving locally, regionally or nationally.
  • Review, by asking others to reflect on their ministry strengths and weaknesses at least every three years.


Watch the video below for a short introduction to CMD by Tim Fergusson from the BU Ministries Department.

For more webinars and helpful resources, click here.

How can the SWBA help?

Each minister has responsibility for their own CMD journey. However, the SWBA is keen to provide as many opportunities and resources as possible to make it easier to engage in all five of the habits above.

If needed, we can help link you up with others able to provide support and advice, including spiritual directors & mentors, cluster groups of local ministers and local cells of the Order for Baptist Ministry.

In addition, we aim to provide a number of opportunities for training, learning and reflection throughout the year. These include:

Click the links for more details about any of these. Alternatively see the calendar below for details about upcoming events.

If you'd like more information about the CMD programme or the events planned, or have an idea for training that you would find useful, please get in touch with our Learning Community Co-ordinator James Henley.