Digital Mission

Increasingly, people of faith are realising the importance of positive engagement with the digital world as an essential aspect of us being involved in the mission of God. Seeing God's 'Kingdom come on Earth as in Heaven' very much includes the digital as well as physical environments which the people of our world now inhabit.

What might it mean for each of us who have a social media account to become 'digital missionaries' amongst those who are never attend a physical meeting in one of our church buildings?

How can our churches embrace the huge opportunities we have to live out the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ in a rapidly changing digital world?

In May 2020, we sent a survey to all churches and pioneers in the SWBA family asking which areas of mission and ministry they felt they required help in the future. The most common response was 'engaging with the digital world' (over 85% of respondents).

Useful Resources

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Digital Resources