Digital Mission

Increasingly, people of faith are realising the importance of positive engagement with the digital world as an essential aspect of us being involved in the mission of God. Seeing God's 'Kingdom come on Earth as in Heaven' very much includes the digital as well as physical environments which the people of our world now inhabit.

What might it mean for each of us who have a social media account to become 'digital missionaries' amongst those who are never attend a physical meeting in one of our church buildings?

How can our churches embrace the huge opportunities we have to live out the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ in a rapidly changing digital world?

In May 2020, we sent a survey to all churches and pioneers in the SWBA family asking which areas of mission and ministry they felt they required help in the future. The most common response was 'engaging with the digital world' (over 85% of respondents). We have responded by offering a short-term contract to a Digital Missioner...

Introducing our Digital Missioner

Welcome to Hannah Fleming-Hill who joins our SWBA Team as our Digital Missioner. Hannah will be helping the SWBA to develop our Digital Strategy and also serving churches by helping them develop theirs, primarily through teaching (webinars) and individual pieces of contracted work.

Hannah knows lots about digital technology but her first passion is for mission in the digital world. The focus of her role will be helping individuals and churches engage in God's mission in this technological age; reaching those who are not yet of faith rather than providing the digital means to further engage with those who are.

Hannah writes,

"We are in the biggest communication shift in 500 years since the printing press. Digital and tech are disrupting how we live - changing our culture, habits, relationships and education but it also gives us a fantastic opportunity to share the gospel in new ways.

As someone who does use social media and digital resources daily, I am impatient for the Church to catch up with it being integrated into our lives. Not so that it can dominate us, but that we can use it as a tool to go beyond a Sunday service, go beyond the one hour we have to talk to those in the room with us. But so that we can reach all corners of the world, to go out and make disciples for the cost of pennies and giving everyone the opportunity to be a witness within their reach, at all moments of their lives, not just a Sunday. Jesus didn’t wait until a Sunday to share the message in a temple, but went out to where the people are. We need to do the same!

We have a responsibility to be the salt and light on a social media feed, to produce content that spreads love, joy, hope, educates and entertains. To show that Jesus is good and the bible is the greatest story ever told! 

I don’t know everything ( social media changes rapidly) but I am passionate and I want to help you as Christians and churches understand how we can use it to change the world."

Churches and Pioneers who are part of the SWBA family can contact Hannah for an initial consultation which we will pay for. If further pieces of work are identified which Hannah will lead on, she will provide a quote as an independent contractor. SWBA churches and pioneers are able to apply to us for a Digital Mission grant of up to £500 towards these costs. Please read the criteria for these grants here and, if appropriate, download the grant application form here.

If you wish to contact Hannah for an initial consultation, please do so by email -

How can we help?

Which aspects of the digital world would you most appreciate some help? Please take 2 mins to complete the survey below and click 'Done' at the end to submit your responses. Your assistance with this is much appreciated and will help to further tailor how we offer support to you and your church in the future. Thank you!

Useful Resources

Handout notes from 'Social Media: the new ministry frontier' webinar - click here. Watch the webinar here.

Handout notes from 'Digital Resources' webinar - click here. Watch the webinar here.

Key links to online resources,

Handout notes from 'Digital Christmas' webinar - click here. Watch the webinar here.

'Big Community Carol Sing' Flyer - download here.


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