Justice Hub

The Journey Towards Justice

Over the recent weeks the challenge of justice has been brought onto our agendas, including racial, gender, disability and economic justice.  As an Association we recognise that justice is a Kingdom issue and we are committed to it.

We seek to stand together as sisters and brothers in Christ, as we cry out for justice, as we stand with those suffering oppression, and we weep with those who are in pain.

We seek to act against discrimination of all kinds in our churches, in our justice system and in our wider communities.

We seek to respond to the challenge of justice by establishing a ‘Justice Hub’ in our Association, to resource and help churches reflect on justice issues in our society.

And as we travel on this journey, we repent of those times when we have not been the people God would want us to be, and ask forgiveness for those occasions when we have shown prejudice and have been the cause of, or complicit in, hurt and injustice.

We hope and pray that we may work together for Kingdom Justice.

‘There is neither Jew or Gentile, neither slave or free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ’ Gal 3:28

(The SWBA Team & Trustee Board)


Please take a look at this reflection from Nigel Manges (Regional Minister - Ministry) on the events surrounding the death of George Floyd in the USA. Drawing from his own past experiences as Minister of a large multi-cultural church, he considers how we ought to respond to racism which is still present in our society (and in some churches) today.