Ministers’ Conference

In February 2019, Ministers, spouses and children from the SWBA gathered to enjoy each other’s company, relax by sea on the beautiful Cornish coast, and for worship and teaching led by our conference speaker, Rev Geoff Colmer. Geoff is Regional Minister Team Leader for the Central Baptist Association and one of the founder members of the Order for Baptist Ministry.

This year the conference took the form of a retreat with Geoff leading us in reconnecting personally with God and seeking nourishment for the soul. There was intentionally less spoken input from up front and more time given over to allowing God to do some work in us, using guided questions and conversation starters. We were also grateful to Steve Sanderson, BMS Deputy Director for Mission for being with us through the conference and helping us consider how we can work with and learn from overseas missionaries coming to the U.K., Richard Matcham, Minister of Barton Baptist Church, who led our Communion service (and preached from Luke 4 and the 1967 version of ‘The Jungle Book’ film!) and Barbara Carpenter, Chaplain at Lee Abbey, who led our community prayers during the final session.

The food was great, the views were outstanding and spending time together with God and with others from the SWBA family was very, very good for the soul… we were well blessed!

We’re already planning our 2020 Ministers’ Conference and we’ll post more details here in due course.

Take a look below at a few photos from our time away…