Sermon Series / Away Day Resource

Journeys of Blessing

This series of talks, reflection questions and practical activities was first recorded for a church Away Day but could equally be used as a short sermon series, for example through the summertime.

Written and recorded by Rev. Carl Smethurst (Regional Minister - Mission), this series is based on the calling and journey of Abram from Genesis 11 & 12. It aims to inspire us to continue on our journeys of faith as individuals and as churches, and highlights the central missional theme of 'Blessing' seen throughout Scripture.

Three of the five sessions below have short, downloadable talks followed by discussion questions. Two sessions are designed to be practical applications of the teaching.

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 SESSION 1 - Post-Pandemic Possibilities

Carl Smethurst considers the story of Abram's father, Terah, in Genesis 11 and how he settled too soon on the journey to Canaan and never actually made it.

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you describe your journey of faith? Is it dynamic or have you 'settled'?
  2. What was the last new thing God asked you to do for him? When was that?
  3. What is God calling you to do to serve him in this next season of life?
  4. How will you explore and realise that calling?
  5. As a church, what are the things God is directing you to do for him next?
  6. If they are different to pre-lockdown, are you ready to leave behind the 'known', 'safe' and 'familiar' and journey to the place God will show you?

To download this video, click here.

 SESSION 2 - Counting Our Blessings

Carl considers the commissioning of Abram in Genesis 12 and how it reveals God's nature to bless all that he has created.

Discussion Questions

  1. How have you experienced God's blessings over the last year?
  2. What methods do you use to record God's blessings in your life (journalling, taking photos, painting/drawing etc.)? Share your ideas...
  3. Why do you think it is important to count our blessings?
  4. How do you share the stories of God's blessing with others, especially those who are not yet Christians?


  1. Record three ways God has blessed you each day this week... be ready to share how God has blessed you with others.

To download this video, click here.

 SESSION 3 - Sharing God's Blessings

In this session, share the ways God has blessed you in the last week with each other as your act of worship.

You might decide to intersperse the testimonies by singing songs that have been a blessing to some of those who are sharing.

If you wish, take a listen to 'Counting Every Blessing' by Rend Collective. Download the lyrics & chord sheet here if you'd like to sing along.


Could you record a blessing of God in your life every day for the next year?

  1. How will you record God's blessings (journal, photos posted on social media, painting, quilting(!), other)?
  2. How will you create a culture of sharing God's blessings in your church community?

You might like to look up the 365 Grateful Project for some ideas and check out #365grateful on social media...

 SESSION 4 - Blessed To Be A Blessing

Carl focuses on God's commissioning of Abram in Genesis 12 - "All peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

Discussion Questions

  1. How have you been a channel of God's blessing to those in your community over the last year (individually and as a church)?
  2. How will your church increasingly demonstrate the abundant blessings of God to those in your community?


  1. Who will you bless in Jesus name this week (choose 3 people)?
  2. How will you bless them?

To download this video, click here.


 SESSION 5 - Community Blessing

Bless your local community today... or maybe organise a whole weekend of blessing!

Consider ways you could bless your community that are accessible and easy to invite friends and neighbours along to.


  • a free community BBQ
  • Creams teas
  • Litter pick
  • Community gardening
  • Making & delivering food boxes
  • Painting 'Blessings Pebbles' and leaving them around your community

There are lots of ideas and resources available from The BIG Lunch (see video).

Have fun, be a blessing in Jesus name!

NB - Please adhere to any COVID restrictions required at the time of your event.


We hope this series has been useful! If you'd like to support our work so we can produce more resources in the future, you can do so by clicking here - thank you!