Prayer Calendar

Each month we invite a number of churches, pioneer projects and ministries to share news so Association churches can pray for them. This month’s prayer requests…

Each month we invite a number of churches, chaplains and pioneer projects to share their news so as a wider family in the SWBA we can pray for one another.
Here is news from a group sharing the good news of Jesus in the community.

Pray for Chaplains

100 Chaplains of all kinds from across Somerset gathered in Wedmore last month.  Mostly lay people, they represented many forms of chaplaincy, from Debt Advisors to Court Chaplains, Power Station Chaplains to Rail Responders, Business Chaplains to Street Pastors and etc.  Chaplaincy in all its many forms is a very powerful representation of the church outside its walls, working in and for the community.  Please pray for these many amazing aspects of church.  If your church would like to consider its chaplaincy opportunities, our Chaplaincy Champion, Rev Steven Reed, is available to facilitate discussion.  Email him on

From Murray & Karen Golder, Breathe Communities, Penzance

Wonderful news from Breathe Communities – baptisms in the sea… in November! Take a look at some pictures from their Facebook page here. Read more about Breathe’s amazing story here. Please continue to pray that God will bless their ministry in Penzance and the surrounding areas and that more workers will hear the call of God to go and join in with all that he’s doing in west Cornwall. Murray and Karen are supported by a Home Mission grant – find out more about Home Mission and how you can support them here.

From Sam Burnett, The Wave in Exmouth
Over the summer we have been running a pop-up community café jointly with our local parish church. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to serve the local community and to create a space that otherwise would not exist within Littleham. The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive and we believe God is calling us to continue this work longer term. Please pray for us as we meet, discuss and discern the way forward.

From Rachael Warnock, Devonport
As a church we are currently focusing on sharing God’s generosity hospitality and joy together and in the local community. Here are just some of the ways we’re doing that.

We regularly eat together throughout the year and have held a pudding party and a BBQ recently. Please pray that new faces will join us, God will be in our conversations and relationships built up.

We run ‘Little Fish’, a group for 0-5s and their guardians at a local community hub. Please pray new families will continue to join us, feel welcome, and friendships will form.
We also run an arts and crafts group and recently we held a session creating beeswax eco wraps which was well attended. Please pray people will continue to join and that God will guide us as to how we can engage with community projects and justice issues.
We plan to restore a local plot of land for the community, with the community. Please pray planning and collaboration goes well and for God’s leading, that the community will see God’s love for Devonport.

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