Prayer Calendar

Each month we invite a number of churches, pioneer projects and ministries to share news so Association churches can pray for them. This month’s prayer requests…

Ifracombe Baptist Church

Ilfracombe is a beautiful coastal town in North Devon that also faces some significant social challenges. The Baptist Church have been serving those on the margins of this community for many years, most notably in recent times through their Night Church engaging with those affected by alcohol and drugs as a result of the night time economy in the town, and Open Church which creates much needed community for those who are lonely and isolated, many of whom suffer from poor mental health.

This is a church with a heart for God’s mission(!) but they are not quite as young as they once were and they find themselves with many more opportunities than they have the energy to fully engage with. So, over the last year or so they have discerned God challenging them to call a Missioner who will be able to further develop their work with those in need in Ilfracombe. They have couragously and sacrificially committed to this role and would really appreciate your prayers as they approach the point of advertising for and appointing a new Missioner. Please pray,

  • for God to stir and prepare the heart of the one he will call to this new role (if you think it might be you, please get in contact with Carl Smethurst at the SWBA)
  • for the provision of housing for the Missioner to live in
  • for the love of Jesus to continue to be demonstrated and proclaimed to those who find themselves isolated and on the margins of the community in Ilfracombe
  • for God’s protection and blessing on the members of Ifracombe BC who have so courageously and sacrificially stepped out in faith

Praying for Police Chaplains

Within the Baptist church family there are a number of people who perform the role of police chaplain. Police chaplains aim to provide independent, sensitive, personal, and where appropriate, spiritual support to officers, staff and their families.   Chaplaincy to the Police, was first noted in London in the middle of the nineteenth century and today around 650 people are engaged in this work.  The value of Chaplaincy to the Police was recognized by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary when in a report on Diversity it was recommended that ‘…..all forces should have resources in place to meet the spiritual needs of police officers and police staff, while respecting the diversity of faiths and beliefs both inside the service and in the communities which they serve.’

SWBA Pioneer Minister, Revd Kay d’Albertanson is a Police Chaplain in East Devon and in requesting prayer for this ministry says “like all local Police our team are very stretched at the moment and face a fair amount of criticism by some members of the public.  Please pray for their morale, individually and as a team.  Please pray for those who have decision making power to have wisdom when allocating resources.  Please thank God for our Police’s compassion for our local community and for their willingness to work very closely with Axminster Churches Together – especially in our weekly drug and alcohol recovery project, Axminster Carnival, Community Cafe and detached youth work project that is just getting off of the ground.  Please especially thank God particularly for one of our Police Community Support Officers – Hayley Widger – who has such a heart for our lovely town and cannot move for the Christians around her!

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