We were well blessed by our speaker, Andy Percey, at our Ministry Retreat in 2022 who encouraged us to consider afresh the importance of Sabbath in our rhythm of life as we enter this new season of ministry…

Here are the links to Andy’s three sessions to watch/share with others (please remember to ‘Subscribe’ to our YouTube channel – thanks!)


Session 1 – https://youtu.be/mKoAIaN73Ss

Session 2 – https://youtu.be/WUR7ZswOMYI

Session 3 – https://youtu.be/-vGQhATtfQw


Andy has authored several books. They are,

  • When Rain Falls Like Lead: exploring the presence of God in the darkness of sufferingavailable here.
  • Infused with Life: exploring God’s gift of rest in a world of busyness – copies available from our Administrator, Kathy – kathy@swbaptists.org.uk
  • Made To Belong: moving beyond tribalism to find our true connection with Godavailable here


Here’s some information about Andy and our 2022 retreat theme…

Introducing Andy Percey

Andy is married to Bex, and they live with thier son Leo in Bath where Andy is minister of Manvers Street Baptist Church in the City centre.

Andy has written several books, 'When Rain Falls Like Lead' (2013), 'Infused with Life' (2019) and 'Made to Belong' (2021).

He enjoys walking, sports, family time and getting out in the countryside, especially by the sea.

Retreat theme: Infused with Life

Andy writes,

'Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion?' - Jesus (The Message)

I guess over the past 2 years we might be more ready to answer this question honestly.

For many in ministry roles, the Covid pandemic has brought chaos to our working rhythm. Equally, for many, it simply revealed a pattern that existed already, one where we work ourselves into ill health, both physically and mentally, and where rest is simply the means of recovery only to get straight back to those same pattern.


Surely this isn't what God wants for our rest or work.

The invitation of Jesus follows the question:

'Come to me, get away with me and you'll recover your life.'


This week, let's explore a rhythm of rest that lives as revolutionary and counter-cultural to the values of our fast paced world; and find rest as a means of being infused with God's life, the best he has for us.


Even though we met online in 2022 it was still good for the soul to spend this time together with God and with others from the SWBA family... but we're really looking forward to seeing each other in person again in 2023!

Take a look below at a few photos from our time away at previous ministry retreats...